Power your own pathway

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, but as unrest continues to roll across the globe, it’s got many of us thinking about renewable, sustainable options for a better way of living. We’ve connected and reconnected with new ways of doing – including a sharper focus on greener choices. Off-grid solar power is one such option within realistic bounds – the power in your hands, harnessing all the benefits of Mother Nature herself, minus a monthly price tag. And, with today’s modern solutions at the ready, reaping the most from an off-grid solar NZ system your way – solar panels or wind turbine, or both – gifts you the upper hand and peace-of-mind throughout even the toughest of times.

Powerful positives your way

Off-grid solar systems don’t just protect you from monthly bills, they provide you with independence should disaster strike. If there’s power outages – wind, rain, thunderstorms – effecting grid supply, you don’t have to worry because you’re off-grid solar power – safely stored in its battery – kicks into gear. No one’s going hungry or without a bath! When it comes to going off-grid choosing to implement it into your home, your lifestyle – all at once or slowly – guarantees long-term positives too. Why? Because not everyone is comfortable going completely off-grid solar from the get-go – but some are. This is why having options to tailor off-grid solar your way brings the greatest reward for body and soul – less stress and more active living.

At Dynamic Energy we provide both entire off-grid and split-grid or hybrid solar power options. Giving you greater flexibility when it comes to choosing when and where you draw your power from. For those keen to gradually move to off-grid solar but still wanting the option of drawing off the grid as a backup power source – a split-grid option is ideal. Draw solar power, store it and use it when the grid goes down. For others, the time may be right to go completely off-grid – using and storing your own power everyday – cutting ties with the grid completely. Where there’s off-grid solar, options abound!

Assured solutions for the long-term

Making the choice to go off-grid isn’t a light one – in fact, it should be a tough one. Why? Because when it comes to off-grid solar choices gaining the most advantages from your power supply – and doing better for the environment – is reliant on the robustness and precision of the system at play. Whatever your off-grid power generating choice – solar panels, wind turbines – and battery option, ensuring they lead the charge the best way forward is a must. This is why our photovoltaic solar panels are put through extreme testing conditions – ensuring they can withstand real-world environments, and why each module is fire resistant and potential-induced degradation free. This means they retain power more efficiently and sustainably.

Just like our off-grid solar panels, our vertical axis wind turbine systems also harness greater efficiency – manufactured from carbon fibre and fibre glass composite – their unique designs are fitted to individual environments to ensure optimal power position. And, just as important as reaping the most power via your off-grid system, is the ability to store and manage it your way, this is why our battery options have certain design characteristic specific to your wants and needs, coupled with a built-in management for ease of energy monitoring.