The most ideal approach to begin saving money on your power costs is to get savvy with how you use power. There are numerous different things you can do to really keep your energy charges down. Our top 10 ways  incorporate some straightforward tips to help you save energy regardless of what season. Fortunately, the sun offers a dependable and reasonable alternative source of power: solar power. When a homeowner decides to switch to solar
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Receiving your power bill every month can be a hard pill to swallow but just like petrol, it’s simply another cost that comes with everyday living. But, what if we told you it’s possible to dramatically cut down that bill and even earn money from the power you generate? This article sets out to explore selling excess power back to the grid and how it can work for you. Firstly, what does it mean to
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Shed some light on your power position It’s an age-old concern – how to cull costs without compromising on your living – where do you make the cut? This year especially – in the wake of challenging economic times – many Kiwis have found themselves digging deeper for cost-cutting solutions. Alternative power supply – specifically solar or wind power – is definitely a doable option many of us are tuning into. Why? Because modern-day on-grid
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Power your own pathway 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, but as unrest continues to roll across the globe, it’s got many of us thinking about renewable, sustainable options for a better way of living. We’ve connected and reconnected with new ways of doing – including a sharper focus on greener choices. Off-grid solar power is one such option within realistic bounds – the power in your hands, harnessing all the benefits of Mother
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This time the heat is on you! Heaters and heat pumps may be keeping your house humming this winter, but those power bills are aren’t warming our wallets – or providing financial peace-of-mind. With many Kiwis already braving a cool season in the spending department because of the dampening COVID-19 climate, larger power costs are only worsening the financial crunch.   In fact, according to Consumer New Zealand’s 2020 Power Company Satisfaction Survey, for one