This time the heat is on you!

Heaters and heat pumps may be keeping your house humming this winter, but those power bills are aren’t warming our wallets – or providing financial peace-of-mind. With many Kiwis already braving a cool season in the spending department because of the dampening COVID-19 climate, larger power costs are only worsening the financial crunch.


In fact, according to Consumer New Zealand’s 2020 Power Company Satisfaction Survey, for one in three households power costs are a major concern, with 17% struggling to pay their power bills.

Lighting the right path

Fortunately, when faced with adversity, many Kiwis welcome positive change. And, solar power and renewable energy power systems are robust options in the quest for more efficient and affordable power supply.

At Dynamic Energy, we believe knowledge is power – literally – when it comes to understanding the long-standing benefits of solar power NZ and renewable energy. Why? Because insuring you receive the right information and expertise, is essential to making that powerful move.

Most of us know that solar power or renewable energy options are destined to save us on dollars. However, when it comes to understanding their inner workings, product make up and additional ‘sell on’ options, many of us remain in the dark.

Make heat while the sun shines…

Making the most of your slice of sunshine is what grid-tiered or on-grid solar power systems are destined to do. And, given that Kiwi energy retailers are harnessing as much as $39 million in extra revenue from customers – according to research published by the Electricity Price Review panel – there’s better time to turn the tables on your outgoings and focus on what’s incoming to your property.

Our Dynamic Energy systems are designed specifically to your property and lifestyle needs. This is critical because it ensures you gain the most benefit from your solution. Both our vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems are approved for use in urban areas – this means targeted energy efficiency unique to you.

Regardless of whether you opt for wind or solar panels, tailoring a system that fits your energy needs now and into the future, is essential. This means factoring in family, working and everyday energy requirements – beyond the here and now. Opting for a system completely off-grid will produce enough energy for you presently, but as the family grows or expands, you may want the extra assurance of adding to this system, a Dynamic Energy off-grid system allows for this future growth. Having a split-grid or hybrid system (solar and wind combined) gives reassurance that additional power requirements can be drawn from your electricity provider, and sell your excess back to them. With solar and renewable energy solution you have options – ensuring you target the right ones for you, begins with a trusted hand. 

How solar powers your way

Harnessing the sun and wind isn’t rocket science, but it does take sound knowledge and expertise to channel it the right way. Quality is key when it comes to converting what’s up there, to energy down here. So how does it all happen? Our Dynamic Energy team connects an inverter from your grid system to your solar panels or wind turbines. These inverters capture the DC power produced by the sun or wind and translate it to AC power for the home. 

Alongside inverters, both off-grid and split-grid systems need a robust battery bank. Why? Because this stores your excess power, ensuring you have power even when your solar panels or wind turbines aren’t generating. Knowing how much energy you’ve got in reserves is a must for peace-of-mind too, which is why all of our solar power NZ and renewable energy batteries come with built in management systems – you can monitor your energy day, night and all the hours in between.

Eco-friendly just got stronger

Making the move to wave goodbye to hefty monthly power bills once and for all, isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. In fact, when it comes to choosing solar and renewable energy solutions, strength and staying power should be driving factor. Reliability is what we all want – not just affordability.

At Dynamic Energy our photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are manufactured by Tier 1 to the highest of performance standards. Wind, rain, thunderstorms – our panels are put through their paces to simulate real-word environments. Plus, they are fire resistant and PID free, making them more resistant to degradation which can cause precious power loss. And, when it comes to wind – our axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems are a force to be reckoned with. Constructed from carbon fibre and fibreglass – they are light but strong.

Power is within reach

Curbing the power bill crunch is something available to us all. And, with solar power NZ and renewable energy options specifically tailored to your lifestyle and property fit, you don’t have to play the guesswork game.

To learn more about how solar power and renewable energy solutions can work for you and with you, reach out to our team.