Shed some light on your power position

It’s an age-old concern – how to cull costs without compromising on your living – where do you make the cut? This year especially – in the wake of challenging economic times – many Kiwis have found themselves digging deeper for cost-cutting solutions. Alternative power supply – specifically solar or wind power – is definitely a doable option many of us are tuning into. Why? Because modern-day on-grid technologies are within reach of New Zealanders countrywide. At Dynamic Energy our tiered solutions aren’t just saving customers money, we’re utilising the best of property footprints with custom-fitted energy systems – solar panels or vertical axis wind turbines – to meet every household’s needs, and some!

On-grid and in-line with you

So, what can you expect from on-grid systems? And, does it matter which system you engage – wind turbine or photovoltaic (PV) solar panels? Fortunately, Dynamic Energy’s solutions have advanced with urban living and the demands of everyday life. Our grid-tiered or on-grid systems are powering Kiwis from Bluff to Cape Reinga, and simultaneously keeping them connected to electricity providers. Opting for wind or solar panels will depend on your geographic and energy requirements. If your property map is smaller, and situated in a more condensed residential area, solar panels may be the preferred option. These have no moving parts, require less space, are totally silent in operation and are less conspicuous.

If you’re a rural dweller with open space aplenty, wind turbines could be a great option as they can operate 24/7 – not just within sunlight hours – and they get the big tick from the planet – with no CO2 emissions produced.

Regardless of which on-gird system you’re backing – solar or wind – the benefits of both are two-fold. You can power your home and sell on any surplus to your electricity retailer – like us! Alternately, if you’re not generating enough power supply one day, you can call upon your electricity provider – we take care of that too.

On-grid benefits above and beyond

Gaining the most from on-grid system doesn’t begin and end with a reduction in power costs. In fact, there are multiple ways you can harness even greater benefits from your wind turbine or solar panels on a daily basis. And, this doesn’t involve reinventing your life. Small steps go a long way, here’s how . . .

  • Aim to use home appliances in daytime hours – most energy (solar especially) is generated during the day. Take it one step further and aim to run your high-wattages appliances – think washing machine, dryer, dishwasher – on sunnier days too.
  • By staggering the running of your high-wattage appliances you’re  estined to savour that sweet power you’re generating and spread it even further. Think, washing machine one day, dishwasher the next.
  • Plan to recharge your devices, phone, toothbrushes during the daytime too when more energy is being produced. Utilising digital timers to run your devices when your system is generating larger quantities of energy affords greater peace-of-mind and
    power bill reduction.
  • Switch out your bulbs – light bulbs that is – as these drum up more power usage than you might expect. Change any high-watt spotlight to warm LED lights and limit your evening use – setting timers for lights on and off can help with monitoring this.

So, when it comes to powering your place – solar or wind – opting for an on-grid system that befits your location and lifestyle demands is doable. Journeying into new energy territory isn’t as daunting as it once was – not when you have a trusted pair of hands and quality
assured products powering your way.