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Our Systems

Install Piha

Off-Grid & Hybrid Systems

Dynamic Energy provide a range of options for off-grid and hybrid energy systems. Our team has the expertise and experience to design a solution that will fit with your desired lifestyle.

Install Piha

On-Grid Systems

Reduce your electricity bill and move toward the future of electricity with a custom-designed grid-tied power system incorporating solar panels.

Commercial Solar

Renewable energy means going clean and green. Not only does it help generate more commercial opportunities, it also impacts the environment in a positive way.

Our Process

  • 1

    Request a call:

    The 1st step is to request a call. Please fill in the re quest a call form and an advisor will call you back as soon as possible or dial 0800 242 004 and we can get started. Easy!

  • 2

    Discuss a tailored solution for you:

    We require some basic information like what you currently have and what you currently want. This will help us to tailor a solution specific to your needs so we can install a solar system for you. Easy!

  • 3

    Create a bespoke proposal:

    Based on our discussions, and the information gathered, we will create a customised proposal for you. We love answering questions so if you have any doubts then we would love to hear them so we can discuss and put your mind at ease. Easy!

  • 4

    Apply for Finance (if required):

    We have finance options for commercial and residential solar systems. With fast approval times. Easy!

  • 5

    Installation Scheduling:

    We will organise installation to fit around your busy schedule. After installation, our team will take you through the system so you are comfortable to use it. Easy!

  • 6

    After sales service:

    We offer a great after sales service, if you have any questions after the installation then please call us and we'll help you with your queries. Our systems are trouble free but if there are any issues then our team will come over and fix it. Easy!

Dynamic Energy Benefits

Have a look at some of the major benefits of going solar and ultimately upgrading your electricity supply:

Placing your installation under an operating expense (OPEX) or as a capital expense (CAPEX) gives you different benefits when tax is concerned.

Reduce your utility costs

Gain maximised revenue
for your property

Be environmentally and socially responsible by reducing your carbon footprint by going solar


At the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards in August 2017 LZ New Zealand (Dynamic Energy’s affiliate business) won an award for an off-grid residential street lighting system.

This off-grid hybrid LED street lighting was the very first of its kind in New Zealand. Both solar and wind energy were utilised and stored within a lithium battery.

The team of Dynamic Energy Solutions attending the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards Night.

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