Dynamic Energy harnesses energy from the sun and wind so you can power your home or business

Established in 2014, Dynamic Energy is a growing, innovative New Zealand company specialising in alternative power systems for grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems.

Our experienced team aims to help New Zealanders take advantage of the country’s abundance of wind and sunshine to realise their dream of becoming fully or partially energy self-sufficient.

Using leading solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and wind turbines together with the best power inverters and batteries available, our award-winning company provides clients throughout New Zealand with custom-designed solutions for free, renewable and environmentally friendly energy for homes and businesses in both urban and rural areas.

For solar and wind powered systems, talk to Dynamic Energy today about a grid-tied system, hybrid system or total off-grid power system. See our finance options for assistance with meeting the costs of your wind or solar power systems.

Gain Control Your Energy Supply with Renewable Energy

Dynamic Energy will custom design a renewable energy system for your environment

Dynamic Energy is part of an award-winning team which won the Energy Technology of the Year award in 2017 for an off-grid hybrid LED street lighting project. The award celebrates commercial success using cutting-edge technology, research or development projects in the energy sector.

So, whether you want a grid-tied or hybrid system, or if you choose to go completely off-grid, our expert team can tailor a solution for you using leading technology. Dynamic Energy uses information from NIWA about the wind and sun patterns in your area, so that you get an alternative power system that really works for you.

Our trusted contractors will install your system and our team will continue to provide ongoing technical support after installation. Not only do you get our manufacturer’s guarantees, Dynamic Energy provides a 12-month installation guarantee for workmanship.

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